Book trailer: Bride Wore Dead

Making a video trailer for a book is about as intuitive as sending a mime to entertain a crowd of the visually impaired. It’s waving a flag to promote a song. It’s painting a picture to advertise a dance. I’m crossing the medium streams, Ray. I’m crossing the streams. Yet I did it anyway, because I’m just that stubborn.

I’ve seen some book trailers that miss the mark. I come away not knowing anything about the book after having seen a crumbling, grungy font and a smoky background. Nonsense words, nonsense words, blah, blah, blah. And then–voila!–the book cover reveal in the last frame.

I’ve seen some amazingly professional, super cool book trailers that are all about the words–spoken word with the same, actual words jumping and scrolling across the screen. Very effective, and probably very inexpensive if you happen to have a voice like Sam Elliot and have already sold your soul to the Adobe empire for Adobe After Effects, Audition, or Soundbooth.

Here’s mine. It’s supposed to evoke the desolation of the Arizona desert. Josie’s snarky, quirkiness. A little bit of danger. Though I still wish I had a voice like Sam Elliot.

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