Blog Hop! Top 10 Favorite Screen Characters

Top 10 Favorite Screen Characters

For this blog hop, name your 10 favorite characters from movies or TV then tag up to 10 friends to do the same.

Tim Hemlin tagged me for this hop. Check out his site for his top ten picks.

In no particular order…

  • The Reverend Mr. Beebe (played by Simon Callow) in A Room With A View. The naked pond romp is one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve ever witnessed. I think I had actual side cramps from laughing the first time I saw it. And the second. And…
  • While I’m at it… Matthew (played by John Hannah) in Four Weddings & A Funeral. The eulogy he gives for his lover (played by Simon Callow) is so intense it’s almost out of place in a mostly fluffy rom-com.
  • Professor McGonagall (played by Maggie Smith) in the Harry Potter movies. I want to be her when I grow up.
  • Han Solo. No explanation needed…“I love you.”
    “I know.”
  • Mulder & Scully from the X-Files. Yes, still. After all these years. And I’m counting them as one because they’re two sides to one complete character as far as I’m concerned.
  • Dory (Ellen Degeneres) from Finding Nemo. Maybe a weird choice. But funny as heck. I still say lines from her all the time. I’m sure it’s annoying.
  • Vizzini (played by Wallace Shawn) from The Princess Bride. Speaking of quoted lines. This character is probably my most quoted in my entire life. I have to list him.
  • Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson) in Pulp Fiction. This movie knocked me on my butt. I don’t even hate him for splattering people’s gray matter all over the place. It’s impossible. I love him.

  • Ethan Edwards (played by John Wayne) in John Ford’s The Searchers. The ultimate strong, silent one. Makes me cry every time. I might be a dude. Who cries.

  • M (played by Judi Dench) in the newer Bond movies. I just want to be a baby Bond swaddled in her unmotherly, prickly embrace.

I’m tagging JD Kaplan even though we were tagged at the same time. I’m faster. I win. 

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