60-Second Spotlight: Author Robert Bevan


Welcome to the 60-Second Spotlight on Someone Cool, in which I ask goofy, rapid-fire questions ala James Lipton (from Inside the Actors Studio)…and a couple of legitimate questions. 

Ready? Let’s go…

Robert Bevan, author

Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it? 
My parents and wife call me Bobby. Most people call me Bob. Of all the many variations of Robert, I find Bob best suits me. I’ve always kind of taken a shine to Xarq’lo, Conqueror of Worlds, but I think I’ll wait until I feel I’ve earned that one.
If you were on the news, what would the headline say?

Local Drunk Takes Bus Station Hostage, Demands to be Called ‘Xarq’lo, Conqueror of Worlds’
Not Bob

Do you have a favorite dessert or drink?

Beer for both.

Who do you want to hug or punch?

I’ve got a thing about touching people who have been dead longer than a couple of days. It’s just not as much fun once the smell really starts to kick in. So, limiting my response to the living… Hmm… They’d have to be pretty old. I’ll go with Dick Van Dyke. 

Tell us your public name?

Robert Bevan

What do you write?

I have a growing series of comedy/fantasy novels and short stories. They follow the adventures of a group of antisocial misfits who whine, stab, and shit their way through a fantasy game world. Something the whole family can enjoy.
Where can we find out more? 
Fan art by author Steve Wetherell

3 thoughts on “60-Second Spotlight: Author Robert Bevan

  1. A guy who likes beer and plays DnD – how original. 😉

    I tried to buy his book, but I threw a 1 so I dropped my Visa card, the dragon ate the dwarf paladin and gnome wizard wandered off to find Dick Van Dyke (he's gonna have some words with him).

    And I'm not picking up that card – it takes a whole standard action! I have way better things to do with my round…

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