60-Second Spotlight: Artist Rio Shayne

Welcome to the 60-Second Spotlight on Someone Cool, in which I ask five goofy questions ala James Lipton (from Inside the Actors Studio), and then two legitimate questions. 
Please welcome…

Rio Shayne, Artist

Do you have a nickname? If not, what do you want it to be?

Although I am mostly known as Rio, sometimes people call me by my last name, Shayne.

If you were on the news, what would the headline say?
Artist Rio Shayne Creates Art that has Healing Powers!
I want my art to inspire happiness and love in people, and if it could heal people that would be awesome.

Illuminated Dandelions III: Sacred Plants
Do you have a favorite dessert or drink?
I love eating fruit, but when I indulge I enjoy coconut milk ice cream. Chocolate Peanut Butter by Coconut Bliss is a decadent choice.

What famous person, dead or alive, do you want to hug?
I would love to hug Alan Watts, Amber Lyon, Jim Carrey and Terence McKenna. They have been inspirational to me in many ways.

Give us your public name or business name.
Rio Shayne or Rio Shayne Art

Spiral Within a Spiral…Love x Infinity
Tell us about your artwork, that awesome thing you do.
I am a multi-movement contemporary artist inspired by expressionism, impressionism, abstract, psychedelic and cubism. The art that I create takes on a life of its own. There is a force, a creative energy that speaks to me and I put that into my creations.

Being an artist means to inspire something amazing in others. To me, this means changing how people view the world, causing them to question things, spreading love and peace. Art is revolution!

I am inspired by love, by the metaphysical, by my imagination, dreams and meditations, by nature, psychedelics, the human figure, supernatural, and the surreal. I work with a variety of mediums, and I love working with acrylic paint, ink, and colored pencils.

I am also a Bitcoin enthusiast, and accept it as a form of payment for my art. I am passionate about Bitcoin as both an amazing technology, and as a digital currency that is revolutionizing how the world trades.

Eternal Cosmic Love
Where can we find out more?

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