Guest appearance: Me on Lela Markham’s Blog

Fibbers, Fairy Tales, & Wide Open Spaces

Many thanks to Lela Markham for interviewing me on her blog. We talked about how it’s a lot easier for me to think up an arson situation or a stabbing while I’m chopping veggies rather than figuring out whether my ogres are hunter-gatherers or agrarian-based socio-economically.

You can read the whole interview here:

Who is Lela Markham?

Born Again Christian – my true allegiance is not of this world and my faith informs everything that I do.

Lela Markham
Alaskan – that comes a long time before any warm fuzzy feelings about America. I’ll vote for my state’s interests over the country’s interest every time.
Wife, mother, sister, friend, full-time employee, neighbor, concerned citizen
Limited-government Conservative constitutionalist “tea partier” with libertarian and anarchist leanings
I read:  history, political science, economics,
I’m an American mutt, as proud of my Swedish and Irish ethnicity as my American Indian ethnicity. I qualify for BIA benefits, but I’ve never taken them. I believe we would be a post-racial society if people of race (including me) would stop talking about race.
Federalist – politically my first allegiance is to Alaska, not the United States. If our common interests coincide that’s lovely, but if the federal government wants to push Alaska … or any other state … around, I think we the people should demand our employees stop that.
Non-partisan – I’ve never belonged to a political party, though I’ve voted in every election local through national since I was 18. The two major parties exist for their own ends as power brokers for themselves. The Republican Party long ago ceased to represent or respect the principles that motivate the majority of American conservatives. If a true conservative third party develops, I might become a partisan. Maybe.

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