60-Second Spotlight: Musician Apek (a.k.a. Kenneth Fillmore)

Do you have a nickname?

Me and model Najatt rocking my clothing line more coming soon! Keep posted at Hybridz™ / SpacedGirls™

Don’t really have a nick name other than “Apek.” It’s kinda helped through the years . People got used to seeing it and me saying it so in the long run it kinda helped with using it and carrying it with my music.

If your life were a movie, who would you want to play you?

Ha nice question! If I were to have a movie made about me and my life… Hmmmm I think I would want John Leguizamo because of his way of adapting so well to characters in indie films, such as Spun and other movies. His personality just seems to match mine in some ways… Silly, serious, he can do it all pretty well. I definitely think he’s underrated.

Do you have a favorite snack, dessert, or drink?

I would have to say blood orange coca cola and blood orange soda in that order .

What famous person, dead or alive, do you want to punch or hug (or both)?

If I were given the chance, first thing that comes to mind would be to punch Hitler, and I would kinda wanna go back and hug/meet some of our great philosophers and scientist who have passed.

Give us your public name

My public name is Kenneth Fillmore.

Tell us about your music and influences.

My music is sorta of a a lost underground genre, I think. I have a different way of explaining things than other artists who keep it basic. I like to leave some to the imagination and be cryptic. I’m into a lot of different things, topics like ancient history… Basically a nerd, so I try to mix all that into the music.
 I tend to get the question, “How do you rap like that?” but I’m always finding myself just as oblivious as them. Guess it’s just how the brain is wired. Over the years, books and experience have helped with the wiring. I love knowledge and believe that all should obtain as much as they can.

What’s your creative process like?

Me with Austin model, Najatt, #Hybridz *photo cred: inkndsaned

All depends…sometimes situations from life, sometimes just hearing one specific piece of music sparks almost some sort of evangelistic stream of thoughts… Smooth, constant, flowing lyrics that sometimes are to fast for me to even get down. Basically I ride the vibe whether it’s situational or influential.

Where can we find out more?

I stream music live, so keep posted! Everything from conscious hip hop, meditation, chill lounge, just all things urban, culture, art of the underground.

  • You can find all my music available In the new Apple music, iTunes: Resistance Is Futile by Apek https://itun.es/us/Fgeo0
  • SyrenEntertainment.com … The only real underground conscious hip hop platform in Austin “real, no fillers!”
  • Video Model/dancer/hooper/artist Brittany. Fan submitted Video to the music of one of my tracks  “open up your eyes ” by APEK feat BeOnd from Acid Reign & EQ

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