Old world deities: Dovay, the bear god

Old world deities, as illuminated by Osterix Volem, the Mask of Tooran

Dovay, the bear god


Perseverance, stoicism, and loyalty.


Physical form is large and lumbering. Slow to anger, but deadly when driven to full temper. Females, in particular, have been observed to assert proprietorial rights in the extreme over den and offspring.


The bear god is known for his ability to wait out difficult situations, to persevere through trying times, such as harsh winter, famine, or troublesome interpersonal or political relationships.


During the early days of the world, the bear, Dovay, bided his time while all other creatures formed and fought amongst themselves for food and mates. When he emerged from his earthen den, he stood upon his rear legs and watched the petty squabbles of his fellow creatures, availing himself only of animals and fruits to consume after the fighting had ceased.

After he had filled his belly, he returned to his cave to sleep and to wait for a more peaceful time during which to re-emerge from his den.

Notable worshippers

Numerous great houses of the northern territory pay tribute to the bear god. Unlike the followers of other deities, who relish the public display of their devotion in richly appointed temples, those who worship Dovay typically do so in the privacy of their own homes, with modest and often handcrafted altars. For this reason, it is quite impossible to estimate the number of worshippers of the bear god without performing a home-by-home census, which the terrain and clime of the north make quite impossible.

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