Flying the Nerd Flag (Doesn’t Mean Jack)

Like a lot of other good things ruined—I mean, appropriated—by mainstream pop culture, nerdiness is riding the ultimate wave. It must be the End of Days because the geeks* are inheriting the earth. My proof? Right here:

1. Conventions are crowded as hell.

Using a system more complicated than registration for donating a kidney, badges to Comic-Con International practically sell out faster than Bieber tickets. Why? Marvel. LEGO. Mattell. Other Big Name Brands®.

Money is power. Brains earn money. Zuckerberg is breeding and giving away his millions. HE’S MAINSTREAM. He’s one outstanding example, but how many Dellionaires and stock-option cubicle-dwellers came into their own in the last few decades? A lot. And it shows in the movies and TV we watch and the books we buy.

The year I went to SDCC (when it was still called SDCC), major TV networks were already in on the game. Zombies from The Walking Dead roamed the Gaslamp Quarter outside of the convention center, and the show hadn’t aired yet. Why? Apparently, the sharks smelled blood in the air. Water. I mean zombies did. You get what I mean, right?

Profit. Must. Get. Profittttttt.

2. Cosplay is cute or something.

Costumes are no longer just for kids. And not just for Halloween and parties. Yes, of course, kids still wear it the best, like this little dumpling I met:

If I had brovaries, they’d be exploding, too.

But grown-up Trekkies, Klingons and red-shirts alike, are coming out of the Holodeck closet.

Or the pornstar closet. Whatever.

3. Band geeks, once the butt of jokes, are sexy.

Okay, I may be exaggerating here. Maybe not sexy, but sexed up and mainstream. The proof? This is a meme, people.

…Say no more. Please, say no more.

4. There’s a veritable tsunami of comic book movies.

A reboot of a reboot when we haven’t even forgotten the originals? Yeah! Bring it on. Marvel. DC. Dark Horse. Who cares. Mask, cape, and Spandex are all that’s required.

Even better!

But I mean, it’s not like superhero movies are for adults though. That’d be totally mainstream, right?


5. Fantasy is everywhere.

Thanks, George R.R. Martin.

Oh. Er…spoiler alert?

Thanks, hobbits and stuff. Thanks, Star Wars. Aliens. Space travel. Blue cat people. World of Warcraft. And…you get the idea. Movies. TV. Online games. Best-selling novels about D&D types of games and nerdy vampires. It’s everywhere. And people love it.

Speaking of which, my novel, Unmasked, is the first in the epic fantasy trilogy, Rise of the Masks. Grab it, you big nerd. It’s fantastic.

*I know there’s a big distinction between geeks and nerds, but “geeks” sounds more like “meek.” And I didn’t want to ruin the joke. Although explaining it has.


This one. This is the book you need to try next.


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