My Great American Roadtrip (continued)

When I last posted, I was on the road with my family at the Mall of America. The second part of our vacation was more educational and personal.

Part Two: South Dakota

I may have mentioned before that I have a weird bucket list. For a lot of Americans, however, visiting this site is a pretty standard item, along with the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Mount Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore, with a few improvements

There’s a funny bit about Mt. Rushmore by Jim Gaffigan about how Mt. Rushmore was a sacred place for the Lakota native people…so the U.S. government naturally carved white guys’ faces into it as a gift.

So if you find yourself in the vicinity of Mt. Rushmore, you can also visit the Crazy Horse monument, which, although unfinished, is also impressive.

Crazy Horse monument
“Go forth and purchase postcards from our gift shop.”

We also visited the Badlands, which were majestic as heck. Here’s a requisite selfie. And, no, I wasn’t getting any closer to the edge.

Em in Badlands
Proof that the other half of my face exits.

Plus, also, there was this.

Rattlesnakes: “Never mind us. The prairie dogs here have The Plague.”

The highlight of the trip for me, however, was Deadwood. Though the town is touristy and filled with bars and t-shirt shops, I found this photo of my great-grandmother in the Adams Museum, located two blocks off the main drag.

I’m sure you can see the family resemblance between me and the microscopic face. (She’s the woman standing in the center of the photo.)

I’ve mentioned Deadwood in passing in a previous blog post. Long story short, the Chinese half of my family lived in Deadwood, drawn there by the gold mines and resulting industry.

The end result of all of this was me, in 2016, driving my kids across America to visit this scrap of my family history, this remnant of the past.

Arby's container
And eating too much road food.


And finding this deer butt in a taxidermy display.

I’m already thinking about a road trip next summer.

All kinds of good things are happening in the Josie Tucker world.

The Bride Wore Dead came out in Spanish, including (finally) paperback. The Bride Wore Dead is also now in LARGE PRINT.

Dim Sum, Dead Sum came out in audiobook format.

And, last but not least, Dead Man on Campus is available for pre-order.


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