I don’t believe in the muse…and maybe she doesn’t believe in me.

I have writer’s block.

I’ve blogged about it in the past, but it’s reared its ugly head again. Instead of fighting it this time, I’ve decided to examine its causes and then vanquish it like a bad crotch rash presidential candidate uh…dragon.

Culprit #1: TV

I’ve been watching more TV lately. It’s awesome and deliciously air-headed. But it’s also taking up more free time than I’d like.

Woman on a couch
“But binge-watching TV saves time on bathing. So win-win!”

Culprit #1, Part 2: TV

Hurricanes. Train wrecks. Presidential debates. We didn’t start the fire.

“I’m early voting this week. I expect everyone to stop talking about the election as of tomorrow.”

Culprit #2: Insomnia

I’ve had insomnia off and on my entire life. Right now, it’s on and it’s creating a general fog around my head dense enough to rival bleach blonde hair dye.

blonde insomniac

Before I get a phone call from my mom, I’d like to note that I’m seeing a doctor about it. Unfortunately, the meds my doc gave me made me alert and agitated. Counter-indicative, I think they say, which could also describe most of my existence.

Culprit #3: Marketing

I spent a lot of last month marketing Dim Sum, Dead Some, which never got its day in the sun until now. And it paid off with my highest rank for DSDS ever as well as my highest author ranking.

#13 in Culinary Mystery

Emily's author rank
“This is going right into my baby book, Mom!”

Also, Dead Man on Campus bounced its way into the world like a cheerful coed with pom-poms shaking. This little coed required a lot of hoopla, so I complied.

Dead Man on Campus
With cookies…stabby-knife cookies.

Plan of Action

So now that I’ve identified the causes of my writer’s block, I can effectively put in place a plan of action to overcome it.

1. Finish binge watching my show.

2. Stop promoting books 100% of the time.

3. Sleep more.

“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air. I never thought I could feel so freeeeee.”

Right? Right?!

What do you do when you can’t write?

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