Emily Cooks: Piecaken

In the Thanksgiving tradition of overindulging past the point of nausea, I made a piecaken.

What is a piecaken, you ask? It’s a pie (hence, the “pie”) baked inside of a cake (hence the “cake”), followed by an “en” that doesn’t mean anything (homage to the atrocity called the “turducken“).

Here’s a real piecaken from food.com.

Let me preface this by saying, yes I can actually cook. I’m not just the stunning combo of snark and love handles behind food critic, Josie Tucker. I do have some skill.

still life of tamales with dog
Golden Retriever for scale.
lattice apple pie by Emily
I’m pretty darned good, actually.

Ah, hubris…

Step 1: Select your flavors

Typical Thanksgiv…ian piecaken flavor combinations include:

  • Pumpkin pie with yellow cake
  • Pecan pie with chocolate cake
  • Apple pie with yellow or cinnamon cake, or gingerbread

By Sunday afternoon after Turkey Day, I was sick of traditional fall pies, so I chose blueberry pie with yellow cake. I also have a household of picky eaters and nut allergic people, so my choices were additionally limited. But the world is your oyster. Pick your favorites. Although, I don’t recommend shellfish.

Step 2: Watch and learn

As in, watch and learn from my mistakes.

batter in pan with pie
Hey, not bad. The batter and pie fit perfectly in the pan.


cake in oven
Looking good. Not even overflowing.


cake center is sinking
Cake rose well. Testers came out clean. But wait, what’s happening?


cake collapsed
Son of a…!

Step 3: Watch and learn, part 2

What do you do when you screw up in the kitchen? You look to the great chefs. (Skip to 2:35 for the classic Julia Child moment.)


Fine. Then I’ll frost. The. Ever-loving…


…crap outta it.

Step 4: Refrigerate and enjoy


Salted Caramel Vodka for scale.
9/10 would eat again.


Emily volunteered to make more desserts this holiday season. So we can all laugh at them.

While you’re waiting, enjoy a throwback Josie Tucker holiday story.

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