Post-Piecaken Post

In case you thought this might be a post about how I ate too much piecaken after last week, ease your mind. I have not yet begun to overindulge this holiday season.

orig drawing credit: Hyperbole and a Half (Allie Brosh)

After I wrote last week’s blog post and promoted it a couple of times on my Facebook page and Twitter, I noticed an unsettling trend.

“Facebook, does this piecaken make my butt look big?”

While not as disturbing as the President-elect retweeting your Tweets, the idea that bots and apps and Big Brother are paying attention to your posts is super weird.

Over the next few days, the trend continued.

“I DESIRE SUPPORT. But more along the lines of a book review or two.”


“Apparently, I need things that fit better now.”

And then there’s this.

“Duuuude. Where’s my piecaken?”

As several of my “friends” pointed out, a person who repeatedly posts about piecaken might have the munchies. But I’m telling you, they got it all wrong.

Did you hear that, Santa? 


A blatant appeal for brownie points.

Dear Santa,

I did not ask for a bright pink skull-shaped bong pipe. In fact, I’ve never inhaled. But just in case my argument sounds weak, I’ll give away my multiple-award winning book, The Bride Wore Dead, for free this week only.

*The sale is over now, but it’s always free on Kindle Unlimited!

FREE. And did I mention, FREE!

Happy holidays!



Incidentally, to counteract my instinctive behavior to stuff all manner of sweets into my…piehole, I recently became certified as a group fitness instructor. I teach MixxedFit every Tuesday night at my local gym.

“Mmmm. Pie…caken.”

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