Change is in the air!

Shiny, new covers.

I’ve been making a few changes around here, mostly in the form of new book covers. Here are the new covers for the Rise of the Masks series. Aren’t they magical?

New cover for Unmasked

And here are the new Josie Tucker covers, which will be rolling out over the course of the summer after Full Slab Dead (Josie Tucker #4) comes out. These new covers are a decided step away from the previous cozy mystery cartoonish covers. Even though the book subtitles say “Un-Cozy, Un-Culinary,” I still see reviewers express surprise about the (rare) language and sexier scenes. These new covers are more suspenseful and gritty. Never fear! Josie is still the same snarky sourpuss she always was.

The Bride Wore Dead new cover
Also, BWD is currently 99c! So grab it if you don’t have it.

new Dim Sum Dead Some cover

Dead Man on Campus new cover

Why the change?

A lovely, well-meaning friend said to me just the other day, “Hey, there’s this thing that will help you sell books. It’s called BookBub.”

“You don’t say.”

Cue my forehead slap.

BookBub and I have a history that goes back to 2013. It’s the exact same relationship I had with my high school crush. Namely, I’m consumed by longing, and they don’t know I exist.

BookBub, if you haven’t heard, is an ultra-competitive ad service that sends out daily ebook deals by email to millions of readers who have subscribed to them. While landing a deal with them won’t guarantee a writer endless riches, it will go a long way toward garnering thousands of new readers.

When I first heard of them, I hesitated to use them because of their steep fees (several hundreds of dollars). At the time, I didn’t know they were the best service. And frankly, my single book wasn’t ready for wide-spread consumption back then. However, if I had jumped instead of hesitating and gotten onboard before they became the most popular kid at school, my indie publishing journey might have gone a little differently. More Mount Everest than Rolling Hills of Mukwonago.


So this is where I’m headed. Trying a new tactic. Aiming for more elevated horizons and a date to the BookBub prom. Wish me luck. 🙂

If you’re so inclined, you could give me a little boost by clicking this button and following me on BookBub. You’ll also get book deals right in your email inbox. A novel concept. Ba-dum-ching.

BookBub button
Clicky clicky.


4 thoughts on “Change is in the air!

  1. Great looking covers, EM!

    From a branding and marketing standpoint these are wonderful. If your goal was to have eye-catching visual appeal, consistent presentation of the author’s name for easy recognition by readers, and simplified use of typography, you have really hit the spot.

    Best of luck with your continued marketing and sales efforts. Oh, and with the writing which precedes that too. 🙂

    1. Hello! Full Slab Dead, the newest Josie Tucker book just came out on June 19th. It’s now available on Kindle and in paperback.

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