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Josie Tucker Mysteries

The Bride Wore Dead (#1)

Days after snarky Josie Tucker fills in as a last-minute bridesmaid at a massive wedding, the bride dies on her honeymoon in Arizona.

A dead bride. A grouchy food critic. A recipe for disaster.

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Dim Sum, Dead Some (#2)

Software entrepreneur, Ivan Sorokin, is missing. Who wants him out of the picture—his wife, his business partner, or the burlesque dancer who holds his heart?

Chinatown. Dim sum. Murder. Josie’s perfect ingredients for adventure.

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Dead Man on Campus (#3)

Cover of Dead Man on CampusA mysterious letter-writer causes havoc on the idyllic Bader University campus. After a professor receives numerous poison pen letters, more and more threatening in nature, Josie Tucker is on the case…grudgingly.

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Full Slab Dead (#4)

Josie heads to Austin, TX, for a BBQ tour, but stumbles into a decades’ old missing person case. With the help of a local reporter, a Goth ghost hunter, and a bunco-playing transvestite, she tries to unravel the heart-tugging, hidden history before the whole place goes up in smoke.

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The Ella Menza Style


Ella never leaves work early. She loves her copy of Strunk & White. She buttons her shirt up to the top. She buys beige furniture. She pays her bills on time and always says hello to her neighbors. If she were a superhero, her alter-ego would be SuperPoliteGirl. She doesn’t have any vices—as long as swearing in Italian doesn’t count.

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Rise of the Masks fantasy adventure series

Rogues. Monsters. Mystics. Epic adventure. True love.


Mel can sense the blood beating through her companions’ veins. She can count the moments between heartbeats to tell who is sincere and who is lying. She is a Mask—a preternaturally sensitive, cloaked and imposing, impartial arbitrator, both revered and feared by everyone.

Mattieus Ottick, or just Ott to his friends, comes from the frozen north to hunt the strange ogre-like creatures, or trogs, that threaten the northern mines. Magical beasties? Nightmares come to life? The world as they know it is about to change.

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Unmasked (audiobook)



Monsters. Storms. Earthquakes.

Mel and Ott are back in this continuing epic adventure in which they travel from the frozen north all the way to the red desert and the great sea.

Monsters, feuding warlords, and the very elements themselves have forced apart two sisters. Can Mel and Ott help to reunite them, to keep at least one promise unbroken?




In the Red Desert, a fierce battle rages against the king of trogs, threatening the lives of Mel, her friends, and thousands of refugees from the north. Can they survive the relentless trog attacks and escape looming starvation?

Marget, a former house maid, has reached the limit of her patience. She and her two companions, Charl and Jaine, have come into an extraordinary power. Together, they can create a towering elemental made of fire and water—but only if they learn to get along and to control their talents.

Will this group of friends defeat the trogs in this stunning series conclusion, or will they meet with a grim and violent end in the southern desert sands?